Riztech: A Leader in Precision Machining for Aerospace , Industrial and Defense Industries.

Riztech is a manufacturer of high precision, tight tolerance parts and assemblies with a core focus on aerospace , medical and industrial applications. Our primary focus is medium and high complexity precision machining in both low and high volumes. We specializes in process design, and development and manufacture of mechanical hardware systems for the aerospace and defence industries. Our process approach helps us to create, plan and realize products in a timely manner. Our tailor made solution and on time delivery schedule has won us many accolades from our clients.

Riztech has a broad range of production resources, along with strong engineering and process expertise, which allows for matching the right equipment to customers’ product requirements. We embrace the very latest aerospace machining and inspection technologies and stand ready to meet all of our customers’ most stringent requirements. Our continuous improvements and technological advancements in every aspect of our business help us achieve lower lead times with unmatched quality, while remaining cost effective.

We employ a veteran team of skilled Machinists and Technicians who provide the foundation for quality manufacturing of an array of precision Aerospace and Industrial components as well as critical components for the aerospace industry.From precision milling, turning, drilling, tapping and de-burring and secondary processing, customers choose Riztech Machine as a go-to supplier and partner for precision machined components. Riztech is a process driven company that highly values “end to end” lean initiatives and has industry leading performance in both quality and delivery.


Precision Machining

Critical tight tolerance components to within .0002 or less


Customer Focused Delivery Solutions

75% of all orders are delivered within 10 days or less

Cost Effective Manufacturing

Automated operations and global manufacturing footprint


We are heavily involved in manufacturing aerospace components and some sub-assemblies to demanding tolerances


Riztech provides precision machining services and solutions for the Defense industries around the globe. 



Leading manufacturer & exporter of various mechanical componentsrequired for industry construction .



Riztech has been providing the industry with precision machining solutions and quality components at reasonable price.